Saturday, March 20, 2010

Clara St. Brewing Sessions

As many of you know, we have weekly brew sessions where we experiment with amazing new beer flavors never before heard of to the modern world.  You will have to visit in order to taste and hear what these flavors are!  Below are a few amazing pictures of two brew nights we've had recently.  Photos taken by the talented Chris Willis.

Wafting in those wonderful beer aromas during the boil.

Owen take'n a sip of unfermented wort from the hydrometer cylinder.         

Joey from Cherry Voodoo and guests enjoying the fruits of our labor.

Beautiful grain shot post mashing.


Controlling the boil overs with a spray gun while Yuri adds hops.

The beer machine at work.

Explaining my precious tanks to Patrick, a fellow homebrewer.

The grill master in the back yard!

Socializing amongst the hoses.

Milling the beautiful grains.

"Have some grains, I promise you'll love it!"

I'm probably telling a fascinating story.


Get'n rowdy during clean up!


  1. Awesome photos! So sorry I missed this, but it looks like it was a great event! Love love love the photos.

  2. Cool you posted them
    my life is now complete

  3. But you missed my favorite